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Music Photo Agency - Gruppo Editoriale LiveMedia
LivePhotoMusic is a photojournalistic agency of the Gruppo Editoriale LiveMedia and arises from the desire to gather the skills of professional photographers operating in the music photography sector in a structure capable of promoting their work more incisively.

LivePhotoMusic wants to guarantee its customers photographic material of excellent quality, an archive in continuous growth in the number of images contained and coverage of the most important musical events and live shows with national and international artists.

The professionalism of our collaborators will be the first aspect of the reliability of LivePhotoMusic and the guarantee of excellent photographic services.

A photographic agency that intervenes between the photographer's work and the various levels of the market, in particular aimed at music photography for editorial use but also photographic services for the organizers of Live Shows and market operators.

LivePhotoMusic regularly publishes its photographic material in support of articles of a musical nature with important attention to the quality of the images in technical terms and content.

Il Gruppo Editoriale LiveMedia deals with the production of editorial content and manages newspapers owned or affiliated to its network. The greatest attention is placed on the quality of the contents, with services, insights and columns on various current and entertainment topics.

The Photographic Agencies of Gruppo Editoriale LiveMedia (LivePhotoSport, LivePhotoMusic e LivePhotoNews) they propose to produce and manage the necessary material for the most varied sectors of editorial and advertising photography, as well as in the event photography sector.
They guarantee photojournalistic material in real time and photographic services with wide territorial coverage.
For further information, please contact the editorial staff of LivePhotoMusic: redazione@livephotomusic.it

For administrative and commercial information and on the costs of packages or subscriptions: amministrazione@gruppolivemedia.it